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Terms + Conditions


  • Application does not guarantee admission.  

  • Application does not guarantee an interview.

  • If you do not pass your real estate exam you will not be awarded further scholarship financial benefits or cash.

  • I reserve the right to disqualify you from the program at any time

  • I am here to help you not to carry you



  • What if I don't get picked?

       You will be notified and have the opportunity to attend a free Dreamshop hosted by myself and some colleagues biannually.


  • Can I apply twice?



  • How many folks will you be scholarshipping at once?

       To start just one every four months.  Once I get some more Robin Hood Agents to be on the team we will take on more folks.


  • Can I still be a realtor?

       Of course, and I will guide you to the right folks to help you start.


  • What if I do not want to be a Realtor but I am a dreamer?

       Then I am here to be your friend and introduce you to folks that are just like you.

       And you are welcome to sign up for the Dreamshop.

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